About Me

As a gangly and hilariously uncoordinated middle schooler, I tried out for the volleyball team. I was one of just three girls who didn’t make the cut (the shame!), so I joined the cross-country team… and fell in love. Distance running was my thing, and it has been ever since.

Look, there’s me on the far left acting ridiculously cool with some of my high school teammates:

Run. Crave. Conquer.

In 2012, I ran my first marathon. I won’t lie, it hurt and I may have cried a little bit. I said I wouldn’t do another one, but then I ran the 2015 Chicago Marathon, and then the 2016 Columbus Marathon… and now I never want to stop. Running is a way of life, and I need to hear my feet on the pavement, that perfect rhythm of my breath, to feel sane.

Oh hey, here’s me posing like a tired superhero after my first marathon!

Run. Crave. Conquer.

And after crossing the finish lines in Chicago and Columbus with new PRs each time!

26 Things to Love about the Chicago Marathon // Run. Crave. Conquer. blogimg_3606









This blog isn’t just about running, it’s about all the ways I stay in motion: biking to work, practicing arm balances, walking to and from the grocery store because I always forget something. I’m going to share weird musings from my runs, recipes I’m obsessed with and random challenges I create for myself. Ready? Let’s do this!

Oh! And if you’d like to get in touch with me, email runcraveconquer@gmail.com.


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